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Yi Xing Rui Bang Water Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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Products List
Musical Fountain
Programmable fountain
Running Springs
Ultra-high fountain
Swing System
Glass optical Stephen
Laser water curtain
Water curtain movie
Dry fountain
Fountain Nozzle
Pump Series
Fountain control cabinet
Solenoid valve
Audio Series
Yi Xing Rui Bang Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. ideally located in the beautiful Taihu Lake Chinese Pottery - Yixing City and Town , is famous for the southern breadbasket , business center, located in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou Delta Center , close to the Soviet Union, tin, often, transportation is very convenient developed.
Yi Xing Rui Bang Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a fountain design, production , installation, commissioning , technical training , and maintenance as one of the fountain equipment manufacturers, focusing on providing customers with a full range of Fountain solutions. Our fountain types include : Musical fountains, programmable fountains, dry fountain , fountain floats , high fountain , digital fountain, fire and water blend fountain, water curtain curtain ......
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