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Yi Xing Rui Bang Water Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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     Yi Xing Rui Bang Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. ideally located in the beautiful Taihu Lake Chinese Pottery - Yixing City and Town , is famous for the southern breadbasket , business center, located in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou Delta Center , close to the Soviet Union, tin, often, transportation is very convenient developed.

   Yi Xing Rui Bang Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a fountain design, production , installation, commissioning , technical training , and maintenance as one of the fountain equipment manufacturers, focusing on providing customers with a full range of Fountain solutions. Our fountain types include : Musical fountains, programmable fountains, dry fountain , fountain floats , high fountain , digital fountain, fire and water blend fountain, water curtain curtain , water curtain film , laser water curtain and so on.

   The company brings together the elite group of fountains sector has served the country well-known musical fountain project design engineers, fluid mechanics engineer proficient , proficient sound, light, electrical engineers, mechanical and electrical integration of music and musical fountain programming expert , the use of three-dimensional CAD graphic design and animation and other modern technology to show high-tech fountain of charm !
   The company is committed fountain engineering industry , the customer first, reputation first principle , is willing to cooperate sincerely with all my colleagues, people living together for the cause of environment and beautify the city and make new contributions !

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